Placer County Real Estate Statistics

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Number of New, For Sale, Pending, and Sold Listings in june 2024

  • The number of new listings added to the market in Placer County this June was up 2.4% compared to June of last year.
  • The total number of homes for sale at the end of the month was up 35.5% compared to last year.
  • The number of homes pending sale was up 4.5% compared to last year.
  • The number of homes sold in June was down 8.8% compared to last year.

Average Price Per Square Foot

  • The average price per sqft was $349/sqft in June, which was 2.3% higher than last June and 2.6% higher than the month before.
  • That price per square foot is 6.4% lower than the average of $373/sqft in April 2022, which was the most recent peak of the market.

Days on Market and Sale Price to List Price %

  • The average number of days on market for active unsold listings is 58 days, the median is 40 days.
  • The average number of days on market for homes that sold in June was 30 days, which is the same as June of last year.
  • 93.7% of homes sold for at least 95% of their asking price. Only 6 of the 466 homes sold were sold for less than 90% of their asking price.
  • The average % of the asking price received was 99% for June. 
  • 61% of the homes sold, sold for at or above their asking price at the time of the offer.
  • 36% of the homes sold, sold above their original asking price.

Seller Credits Towards the Buyers Closing Costs

  • 35% of the sales in June included some type of credit of $1000 or more from the seller towards the buyers' closing costs.

Multiple Offers

  • 54.7% of the homes sold with 1 offer or an undisclosed number of offers.
  • 45.3% of the homes sold with multiple offers. 
    • 22.7% had 2 offers.
    • 19.5% had 3-5 offers
    • 3% had 6 offers or more

Average Sale and Asking Price

  • The average sales price was up 1.7% in June compared to June of last year, and was up 4.6% compared to the month before.
  • The average sales price of $760,000 has fallen 1.8% since its peak of $807,000 in May of 2022.

Median Sale and Asking Price

  • The median sale price was up 2.5% in June compared to June of last year.  And was up 1.5% compared to last month. 
  • The median sale price of $685,000 has fallen 7.2% since its peak of $738,000 in May of 2022.

Housing Inventory Level

  • The inventory level of 2 months in June was 33% higher than the 1.5 months of inventory in June of last year and 25% higher than the 1.6 months during May. 

Highest Priced Home Sales

  • The most expensive home sold in June was a 6,623 square-foot home on Oakbrooke Court in Granite Bay, which sold for $3,600,000 after being listed for $3,990,000.
  • The 2nd most expensive home sold in June was a 4,160 square-foot home on Shady Canyon Court in Sierra De Montserrat in Loomis, which sold for $3,250,000 after being listed for $3,600,000. 
  • The 3rd most expensive home sold in June was a  5,212 sqft home on Prado Vista in Catta Verdera in Lincoln, which sold for $2,750,000 after being listed for $2,499,000.

Most Expensive Homes Sold in Placer County in June 2024

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