The real estate market here in Placer County has been a roller coaster in 2022.

During the first third of the year, the vast majority of homes were sold in weeks, rather than months, their asking prices were bid up, multiple offers were the norm, and home buyers were forced to accept terms that often left them with no appraisal contingency, no opportunity to request that items be repaired after inspections, and no control on how the process unfolded.

Many buyers that had homes to sell of their own, or that had unconventional or less appealing finance requirements, were often unable to compete on the most sought-after homes and in many cases were left without a home after many, many offers.

The middle third of the year was a period where the ball…

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While completing the inspection day for a home I just put in contract here in Shelborne in Granite Bay, I was reminded that market shifts are not always bad. In fact, they often provide positive changes for one side of the transaction or the other,  and sometimes for both sides.

During the past few years, it had become common for it to be necessary for home buyers to agree to risky terms in order to be competitive against large numbers of offers from other buyers.

One of those common concessions was that buyers would be required to accept a seller’s inspections or have no inspection period at all. Often the buyers deposit would have to be put on the line from the moment when a contract was accepted.

While we would still in many cases inspect these…

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